Great Britain Penny

Era > Victoria (1837-1901)

  • 1840 Gb Qv Queen Victoria 1d Penny Black Stamp Plate 5're' Used 4 Margins
  • Gb Penny Black Qv Stamp Sg. 1 1d Plate 4 (hk) Red Mx (1840) Used Cat £525- Red10
  • Gb Qv Scarce 1841 1d Penny Red Strip Of Four (cd-cg) Mounted Mint Stamps
  • 1852 Victoria 1/2 Penny Halfpenny Ngc Ms62 Dots On Shield Great Britain
  • 1840 Penny Black Plate 5 Ik (four Good Margins)
  • Gb Penny Black (aa) Bright Blue Undated Whitwell Cancel 1840 Piece Rare Yblue5
  • Penny Black On Cover 4 Margins Dated 15/11/1840
  • 1840 Sg2 1d Penny Black 3 Margins Plate 10 Rare Red Mx Very Fine Used Cv £1500
  • 1867 Great Britain Queen Victoria 1d / One Penny Coin
  • 1840 1d Penny Black Plate 1a 4 Margins Red Maltese Cross Superb Used No Faults
  • Gb Penny Black Cover Plate Vii (ck) Sussex Lewes Red Mx El Brighton 1840 799c
  • Qv Penny Black 1840 Sg 2 1d Black Plate 2 In A Pair (dc Dd) Super Red Mx
  • Gb Sg. As25 Penny Black Plate V State I (nh) Cover Glos Chester Durham 1841 771b
  • The World's First Postage Stamp Penny Black 1840 And Two Penny Blue 1841
  • One Penny Black. Worlds First Postage Stamp Issued 1840-41. Red Cancellation
  • Gb Penny Black Cover Ireland Dublin 1d Plate Ix(li) Christmas Day 1840 784d
  • 1896 One Penny 1d Veiled Head Coin Queen Victoria Great Britain
  • Gb Qv 1d Penny Black Plate 2 Jh With St Columb Deep Green Mx Very Rare Ex Spink