Great Britain Penny


  • 1840 & 1841 Penny Black And Two-penny Blue In Westminster Presentaion Folder
  • Gb Penny Black (aa) Bright Blue Undated Whitwell Cancel 1840 Piece Rare Yblue5
  • Great Britain 2 Penny Blue 4 Margins 1840 No Faults Extra Fine
  • Gb Queen Victoria Two Penny Blue Rare Stamp
  • The World's First Postage Stamp Penny Black 1840 And Two Penny Blue 1841
  • 1840 Two Penny Blue 2d Sg5'qi' Vfu And A Partial Red Mx 4m Vfu, Plate 1
  • Mulready 1842 One Penny Letter Sheet With Blue Printed Life Assurance Advert