Great Britain Penny


  • Very Rare Great Britain Bronze Coin One Penny 1920 Old Head
  • Have You Found A Rare 179 000 00 British Copper Penny
  • 1807 Great Britain 1 Penny, Ngc Ms 66, S-3780, Km-663, Rare In Grade
  • Great Britain. 1827 George Iv Penny. F+/f. Rare Date
  • Gb Penny Black (aa) Bright Blue Undated Whitwell Cancel 1840 Piece Rare Yblue5
  • 1840 Sg2 1d Penny Black 3 Margins Plate 10 Rare Red Mx Very Fine Used Cv £1500
  • 1919 H Great Britain- George V One Penny Bronze Coin- Km# 810 Rare
  • Rare George V Silver Jubilee Stamps 1910 1935 Red One Penny Green Half Penny
  • Gb Queen Victoria Two Penny Blue Rare Stamp
  • Rare Great Britain George Iv 1827 Penny 1d
  • Weeda Gb 1 Penny Black, Rare Double-lined Stonehaven Red Maltese Cross Cancel
  • 1849 Copper Victorian Penny From Great Britain, P-1497, Very Rare
  • Gb Qv 1d Penny Black Plate 2 Jh With St Columb Deep Green Mx Very Rare Ex Spink